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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tence.
1. A: More and more people....(recycle) their rubbish.
B: That’s good news.
2. A: Could you give me a lift tomorrow morning?
B: I’m sorry but I.... (always use) public transport to get to work.
3. A: Can I speak to Mr Collins, please?
B: I’m afraid he’s not available at the moment. He.... (have) a meeting with some clients.
4. A: What do you know about snakes?
B: I know that they are reptiles and they... (lay) eggs.
5. A: I haven’t seen Bob for ages. How is he?
B: Oh, he... (work) for advertising company now.
6. A: Are you busy? I need some help.
B: No, I... (not/do) anything at the moment. I can help you.
7. A: Your hair..... (look) great today. Have you had a cut?
B: Yes, I had is done yesterday.

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1. Recycle

2. always use

3. is having

4. lay

5. is working

6. i am not doing

7. looks

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