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нужно ответить на вопросы по англ.
вопросы:hane you ever bee to the zoo?(вы были в зоопарке?)did you like it?(вам понравилось?)why(почему?)tell the class about your to the zoo?(расскажи своему классу как ты ходил в зоопарк?)
если что учебник биболетова ,6кл,упр11с107

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1. Yes, I have been in the zoo. 2. I really like it, because I like different animals. 

3. Zoo is a place where different animals and birds are kept. Zoo is a great attraction for children. Last Sunday I went to see the zoo with my parents. It is situated in Saint Petersburg. We bought the tickets and went inside. Many people had already come to see the animals and birds. First of all, we saw a lion. It was grand and royal. Then we saw some tigers. Then we went to see leopards, elephants, bears and foxes. Then we went to see the monkeys and some birds. The monkeys were jumping from one branch of the tree to another. Some monkeys were eating bananas. The birds in the zoo were very beautiful. I was very happy to see the birds. I saw some birds for the first time. Then we moved to a tank. It was full of crocodiles. We also saw some other water birds like ducks and cranes. We then saw snakes such as pythons and cobras. We spent six hours in the zoo and then came back. We enjoyed a lot in the zoo.

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