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Мои родные , хорошие помогите мне с письмом...... это письмо. на него надо ответить )))))) 1.благодарность за письмо 2.ответ на вопросы и самим задать ему три вопроса по теме . 3 концовка
…Last weekend I went to a fantastic concert by my favorite band, Hotshot. It’s the best thing I’ve ever been to. What’s the best thing you’ve ever been to? Was it a concert? Or maybe it was a sport event, or a show, play or film. Maybe it was something completely different.
Describe it to me and tell me why it was so great.
I’d live to hear all about it.

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Hello Tom,
Thanks a lot for your letter .Your last letter was a real surprise.I went to a concert by my best band ,One Direction too. It was very cool! They sang my favourite songs and  I took some photoes with them! I was very happy !Oh,how are you?Do you have good weekends?Can you post you photoes to me?I’ve got to go now! It’s time for my favourite TV show. Drop me a letter when you can.
 With best wishes, 

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