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Вот фото раскройте скобки!!! 1. If you (not be) busy, we could go for a walk.2. If I (have) enough money, I would have taken a taxi.3. If I were you, I (buy) a new suit.4. If I (be) interested in the film, I would have gone to the cinema.5. If we (not take) the wrong turning, we wouldn’t have arrived late.6. If he had more time, he (take) up tennis.7. You could have come first if you (run) faster.8. If she (not have) a car, we would have to go by bus.9. What (do) if you lost your job?10. If I (not feel) tired, I would have gone to bed later.11. If Bruce had asked me, I (say) ‘yes’.12. If I (not take) an umbrella, I would have got wet.13. If he knew that it was dangerous, he (not come).14. If someone (give) you a helicopter, what would you do with it?15. They (not miss) the plane if they hadn’t woken up late.16. If you (ask), I could have told you the answer.17. I could help you with the text if I (know) Greek.18. If only he had asked, I (help) him.19. If I (invite) to my friend’s party, I would never dress casually.20. If she (pass) her driving test, she would have bought a car.

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21.dont be 22.have23.will buy24. I am 25.dont wrong.26took.27.run.28.havent.29what will you do...30havent ..31 have sayed.32havent took.33didnt came.

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