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Сочинение на понедельник надо" the person i admire"(человек которым я восхищаюсь) на 80-100 слов(предлоги считаются).ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА

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I can not imagine my live without my friends. we have a lot of fun together. and she is my admire person. l can tell my secrets to only one one friend- Ann, my close friend.
we made friends three years ago. she was a neecommer to my class. we are of the same age and have a lot of common interests.we go dancing and learn English. Ann can dance and speak English very well.
we live not far away from each other. we can meet at shcool and of course at the weekands. we are cinema- goers. if we have free time we try to go to the conema or some museums.She never lets people down

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