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Помогите написать сочинение на английском языке про Казань!!! Плиз

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werona111 Профи (835) 2 года назад0+Kazan - the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the major economic, scientific, cultural centers and ancient cities of our country. Located on the great river Volga. 

The challenge, as the eternal Rome, on seven hills, Kazan - capital of the ancient people and ancient country. Located fate will now almost in the heart of modern Russia, which lies just eight hundred kilometers east of Moscow, Kazan is the capital of a completely original people and multi-national republic that exists today between the Volga and Ural. This nation has - its own language, culture, old traditions and festivals, their own faith, but the past and present his most dramatic and sometimes fatally intertwined with the history and future of Russia. This nation - the Kazan Tatars, this country is - Tatarstan. 

"Kazan" in Tartar means "pot". Location of the city resembles depression, and the boiler. According to another version, according to legend, one of the Khans has dropped here in the jet Kazanka its boiler, so the place became popularly known as "the place of the boiler". 

Kazan - a city with very favorable geographical position, has long been a trading intermediary between the East and West, and today plays an increasing role in political, economic and international svyazyah.V Middle Volga first humans appeared about a hundred thousand years ago. Twenty thousand years ago from the Trans-Urals and Siberia, came to the Finno-Ugric tribes - the ancestors of the Mari, Mordvinians and extinct peoples Merya. The second millennium BC in the Bronze Age, was formed several tens of settlements in the ancient inhabitants of the territory of modern Kazan. According to A.H. Khalikov, such settlements are located north of todays street Podluzhny. Six such sites were found near the village Savinov, thirteen - in todays Volga area. 

From the north and east of the settlement defended by a high cliff in the west - the steep slopes of the hill to the creek, and from the south - a deep, wooded ravine and bushes. Kazan scientists have determined that the settlement gave rise to the city of Kazan. 

In the early 15 th century Kazan was called New Bulgar - Bulgar-al-Jadid - recognizing her the title of prince, the capital city. 

Since the mid 15 to mid 16 th century Kazan - capital of the Khanate of Kazan, a city rich, beautiful, amazing contemporary castle walls and magnificent palaces and mosques. In the second half of the 16-17 century Kazan - the capital of eastern Russia, the center of a vast territory. During these years, the Kremlin rebuilt in stone. Begin construction of the famous masters of Pskov - Postnik Yakovlev nicknamed Barma (creator of St. Basils Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow), Ivan Shiryaev. They built in the Kremlin Cathedral of the Annunciation and laid some of the other buildings. Total in the Kremlin in the 17 th century was 5 square travel towers, 13 round of sentinel, for the walls were crowded buildings: 11 churches, 2 monasteries, "Sovereign yard," the bishop palace, homes serving people and outbuildings. Belonged to the Kremlin Posad, also surrounded by walls made of oak log house. Rustled in the tenements market, bells on churches and cathedrals, to build cities, to expand its granitsy.Kazansky Kremlin is a unique architectural and historical monument on the right numbered with the most remarkable World Heritage Site. The uniqueness of the Kazan Kremlin consists of a number of inherent features of it only because the Kazan Kremlin - a: The worlds only active center of Tatar national culture and state power, the only preserved in the Russian .

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