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Choose alone or lonely to complete the sentences.
1)All her children are away on holiday and she is living all... .
2)He has been very ... since his wife died.
3)Only you ... can help me in this situation.
4)Jack is very ill and cannot live ... .
5)Linda doesnt like to remember her ... childhood.
6)We were ... all day on the beach:the bad weather kept all the others at home.
7)Can you finish the job ...?
8)The boy felt ... in the new school.
9)Every evening,rain or shine, he took his ... walk along the country road.
10)Next time when you feel ..., play this song and youll feel better.

Ответ оставил Гость

1. alone
2. lonely
3. alone
4. alone
5. lonely
6. alone
7. alone
8. lonely
9. lonely
10. lonely

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