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Постройте предложения, используя глаголы в скобках в Present Continuous.
1. Now its 7 oclock. My brother ____ (to get up)
2. We ___ (to go) to the cinema now.
3. He ___ (to go) to the theatre tonight
4.They ___ (to have) classes at this moment
5. What ___ you ___ (to wair for)?
6. What ___ she ____ (to do)now? - She ___ (to sead) a book in English
7.We are at the lesson now. We ___ (to prepare) for the test
8. What ___ he ___ (to read) now? - He ___ (to get) mady for the exams
Измените предложения, используя отрицание:
1.The cadet is reporting ti the teacher now
2.He is navigating the ship now
3.He is reading a maritime journal
4. They are listening to the radio
5.The ship is calling in the port
6. She is having breakfast now

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Is getting up
are going
is going
are having
is- wairing
is- doing. is reading
are preparing
is- reading. is getting
1.is not
is not
is not
is not
is not
вроде так...

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